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Annals of the Institute of Biology - University of Sarajevo (AIBUS)

University of Sarajevo - Faculty of Science 

Zmaja od Bosne 33

71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Annals of the Institute of Biology - University of Sarajevo (AIBUS) is the oldest biological journal in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first issue of AIBUS was published in 1948 and it continued to come out until 1990. Today, all issues of AIBUS are available in digitized form on the website of the Faculty of Science ON LINK.

The Faculty of Science as a legal successor of the Institute of Biology of the University of Sarajevo decided to start again publication of AIBUS in the form of a peer-reviewed e-journal. This journal will publish reviews, research papers and communications in all areas of biology and at the interface of related disciplines. It will be organized into volumes and issues.





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